The Beginning

We will talk about beginnings a lot in my blog but today lets talk about the beginning of the site itself. This blog has been something I have been called to do for sometime but I have been fighting with God on it for months. I know that if we fight Him too much he will move on to the next person and I did not want to miss this. My arguments with Him were I did not have the time, I was worried about bringing people to the site (for some reason “If you build it, they will come” stuck in my head), and finally I don’t have the money to make it what I really want to. ALL my worries and deflects were resolved and so here I am. This is new to me, this is scary and I know that God is with me as I write and hopefully I can reach out to people and help them as well as entertain and make a few new friends. It is going to be a great ride and I hope you enjoy and contribute. I ask that you have patience as it grows.

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