Breaking Bad

No we are not going to be making meth but we will be working on ourselves. I am not a person who is into the resolution kick. No one ever sticks with resolutions and knowing resolution is a decision to do or not do something and results in a pass or fail to many people and when they fail they feel guilt, low self esteem, etc. NOT worth it.

I am going to look more at my bad habits and how I can change them. I think my worst habit is my nutrition. Having gastroparesis I am already limited to what I can eat before I get sick. The best choices are a diet of liquids, crackers, and Gatorade but I refuse to be put on a feeding tube so I make myself eat. It seems like the foods I, and most GP’s (gastropareseis people) are the sugary, processed foods that are easy to get to and satisfy something in our brain more then on our digestive systems. My biggest concern with this is that the foods are so unhealthy and while most of us GP’s are not worried about calories, because most of use need more, I am concerned about the artificial things going into my body, the sugar that is messing up my insulin, nervous system, brain function, etc.

I signed up for the 21 day No sugar challenge, from The Happy Housewife (, so that I could get some ideas and help along the way. Toni, the author, brings up a good point that when changing a habit we need to find a replacement for the bad habit. I quit smoking almost 7 years ago and unfortunately replaced cigarettes with soda. Well soda is going to have to go and now I am stuck with finding a replacement. Toni suggest a few fruits but as a GP fruit is a no-no. I am going to make several small smoothies for throughout the day and as with anything see what happens. I really cannot think of anything else to replace sugar with. Anyone have some good ideas?

I will post the smoothies I make and let you know how it turns out today.

Wish me luck !!!!


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