Totally forgot to post this one on the 1st

This summer has been crazy. We have traveled soooo much for kids, sisters, family and just vacation. We have gone north, south, west and east, to the mountains and to the beach. We were planning on hubby retiring next year and had all the days planned out. The military has other plans and we just recently found out he will be going to Korea without us. Within 24 hours of telling parents and sibling what to expect over the next year we are down to a 90day count down of him leaving. On a positive note it is not 24-hour notice. So my slow and steady getting the house ready to sell is now sprint. I must remember that God does not give us more then we can handle. Right?

August is gastroparesis awareness month. It is the month where I should be doing the most to voice my issues and to bring awareness to others but I am just way to busy with my crazy life and own struggles to do what I want to with this disease. I did want to write this long drawn out story of my struggles and my suffering but for the past few days I have seen a couple post on facebook to make me stop and reflect. I have an acquaintance in my support group that knows it is time to stop being a medical study and let nature take its course. I have another that has doctors telling her it is all in her head and she is making herself loose weight and throw up all the time. I have seen post after post of members of our group that have passed away.


I am making this month about my fellow gastro warriors. Those who have just learned of their prognosis, those who have battled it for years, and to all those who know the suffering are almost over. This is a month to make society know it is an invisible illness that makes a person unable to do anything, eat anything, or even want to live anymore. Take the time and get to know at least one person, each week this month that has this disease. They all struggle differently and they all have a different story to tell. The more people know the more doctors will want to learn about helping those with gastric and digestive diseases. You might be the one thing that changes the day in one person’s life.

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