MEdia Break

Yes I meant “me” and media. I took a little me time and went to see my parents in Land Between the Lakes. Our daughter was currently there finishing up her senior year, which will be an entire other post. I was able to relax a little and not worry about too much computer time since they have very, extremely very, limited internet capabilities. While I was a little anxious at first being off my normal routine, it was nice not having a computer stuck to me most of the morning. I actually sat back and noticed how everyone else was glued to their phones, lol.

My mornings were drinking coffee and looking out the window to see what critter might be enjoying the morning with me. At first I wanted to watch tv since I had missed the morning news so much (we do not have cable at home, but they have satellite), but towards the middle of my stay I was noticing even turning on the tv was taking away from enjoying the now moment of the morning.

Our daughter was hooked to playstation and meeting friends online (before you call dss she is older and we were monitoring it). Getting her out of the wifi cycle we could see such a difference in her attitude, her grades got better, she had more interaction with us and just more positive attributes. She was even able to come off her depression medicine and made friends that she hung out with.

We all need to stop and unplug for awhile. Technology has taken over on our down time and has made it more of a reboot and update time. Down time means unplug people. If you are having a hard time doing this then go somewhere to where you have no wifi or access to internet and see how much you enjoy it. I am definitely going to watch my time on the devices now that I am back home.

Look at my Stuff

So I have been trying to write for the last week and I just have not found the niche in writing how I have been feeling. I don’t want to go on and on about how I feel so in a short and sweet description, I have been depressed. I have actually been this way for some time and it has taken some time to figure it all out.

I have recently found a correlation between many mental disorders and hoarding. I used to be a hoarder and it took a lot of research and watching the show to realize it. I had the same procrastination as they do on the show and the same emotional reasoning. Oh, I will sell it; oh it meant something to me, I will give it to someone who needs it, and etc. It was actually kind of self-therapy in a way. So fast forward to present day and I have over come a lot. I have actually been able to sell a lot of the items on the Internet.

Poshmark is a great app to sell clothing and accessories as long as they are in style and in great condition. I will begin to go in depth about this more but for now you can see my closet down at the bottom of the page and you can even make some money!!!!   Join me on @poshmarkapp, the #1 app to buy & sell fashion. Sign up with THEPINKCRATE to get $5 off your 1st order.

Another site I am using a lot is of course AMAZON. Amazon is great because it has tools and a seller university to help you every step of the way. You can even ship them everything to keep in their warehouse. Let them hoard the items.

So I have been slowly cleaning out the clutter and making some money. I am still spending more then needed time on the couch but I am getting there. I keep telling myself I need to write down a weekly routine and stick to it. At least I do things on my computer while on the couch but as a person who hates technology this is not good. I need to relook at my marketing plan and come up with a more in person approach.

Happy New Year !!


Happy New Year !!!!

Sorry I have been missing in action. Had some time with family and took it 🙂

One thing you will learn about me is I hate technology and will not be on the computer when hubby is home or my kids(though grown) are around.

This year will be fun filled and I am hoping for my blog to grow with followers and help me grow as a person. New habits will be starting, I am hoping to branch out the boutique, and most importantly spread the word of God and spread the knowledge of Gastroparesis and getting it acknowledged as a chronic illness.

From my family to yours we wish you a very prosperous and happy New Year !!!!!


I Dont Know

The worst part about having a chronic illness is the not knowing. Not knowing if you will ever work again, not knowing if you will ever feel normal again, not knowing if you will get better or get worse, etc. With Gastroparesis it is even worse then that because even the doctor’s and specialist no nothing about this disease.

I lost a great job because I was always sick and out of the office. I wonder if I should go back to school to even further my education since I have nothing but time right now. But do I spend the thousands of dollars with the thought of maybe never working again? Do I totally rethink my future because I may never be able to have a normal schedule? Matthew 6:34 is a verse I have on my screensaver right now, So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. As humans we think if our future and what might happen. For me my husband will be retiring in 18 months. This will mean a new job for him, if he decides, (he is only 37), moving, and possible being empty nesters. I don’t know that I want to stay at home.

It is such a one-day at a time scenario. You can end up in the ER or the hospital at any moment. It gets very overwhelming. What I have learned to do it make a weekly to do list with my priorities highlighted. I concentrate on those priorities getting done first and then work on the others as I can. I really need to start keeping a food diary to see how I handle each thing. I started one a few months ago but gave up by the second day because it was frustrating. I can not let this break me down.

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