Flare-up/Feel the Burn

I always like to do my research before posting something just so I know my readers get the right information. For the past few days I have been couch bound due to a flare up and wanted to let you know exactly what that was. I thought it was just a symptom that could happen any time and come on at any moment. Reading information from G-Pact (gastroparesis patient association) it last for days and actually is more about lifestyles. Are there changes in your diet, have you added more stress?

The worst thing about your gut health is that it is associated with soooooooo many other contributing factors. My goal next year to learn more about our digestive systems and the way it controls everything in our bodies and lives. I hope you stick around for all the great information 🙂

For a great read on flare-ups read: via Dealing with a Gastroparesis Flare



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