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So I have been trying to write for the last week and I just have not found the niche in writing how I have been feeling. I don’t want to go on and on about how I feel so in a short and sweet description, I have been depressed. I have actually been this way for some time and it has taken some time to figure it all out.

I have recently found a correlation between many mental disorders and hoarding. I used to be a hoarder and it took a lot of research and watching the show to realize it. I had the same procrastination as they do on the show and the same emotional reasoning. Oh, I will sell it; oh it meant something to me, I will give it to someone who needs it, and etc. It was actually kind of self-therapy in a way. So fast forward to present day and I have over come a lot. I have actually been able to sell a lot of the items on the Internet.

Poshmark is a great app to sell clothing and accessories as long as they are in style and in great condition. I will begin to go in depth about this more but for now you can see my closet down at the bottom of the page and you can even make some money!!!!   Join me on @poshmarkapp, the #1 app to buy & sell fashion. Sign up with THEPINKCRATE to get $5 off your 1st order. https://bnc.lt/focc/6w3ezI5eCI


Another site I am using a lot is of course AMAZON. Amazon is great because it has tools and a seller university to help you every step of the way. You can even ship them everything to keep in their warehouse. Let them hoard the items.

So I have been slowly cleaning out the clutter and making some money. I am still spending more then needed time on the couch but I am getting there. I keep telling myself I need to write down a weekly routine and stick to it. At least I do things on my computer while on the couch but as a person who hates technology this is not good. I need to relook at my marketing plan and come up with a more in person approach.

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